Saturday, September 20, 2014

Miscellaneous Cattle

J wanted to get the cattle up yesterday to do some odds and ends.  
 Any excuse to ride a horse and I'm in.  J even got Hank in the lot for me the night before so I didn't have to go hiking to get him.
 J took the 4 wheeler but was off it more than he was on.
 Between the 3 of us, we made short work of getting them in.
 Now for the sorting.
 There were 3 cows that haven't calved yet that J wanted to separate.  We also had two cryptorchid calves that we weren't able to cut earlier.  One was now doable but the other one will have to stay a stag.
 Then a couple of weeks ago this heifer got in on us from a neighbor.
 And this wild steer has been over here all summer.  J was able to get them in the barn and the owners came to get them.
 Hank waited patiently in the riding ring.
Now the newly sorted cattle are back out on new pasture.  It is unbelievable how much grass we have right now.   If this wetness goes on through the winter we are in for a lot of snow or mud one.

1 comment:

CDH said...

Ugh! Hate those one nutters.
Oh so envious of all your grass! It's been a terrible year here with dry, dry conditions and the terrible infestation of grasshoppers! They just wiped out all our pastures.

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