Saturday, October 18, 2014

First Jar Of Honey

J called our bee man to have him come out and take the honey off for us.  The bee man was surprised J had not done it himself since he took the bee keeping class.  J's excuse was he doesn't have a bee suit.  (Guess what someone might be getting for his Birthday)
 The bee man thought it might be a little late for the honey.  He had gone to someone else's hive and said the bees had already eaten it all.  Last year he didn't come until October 29th so I really don't know what the difference is.
 Anyway, ours had honey.
 He took the frames out one by one and brushed the bees off.
 Then he placed them in a different super for transport.  This time the transport was into my house.  He let us use his filtration bucket so I have to do it myself.
 The super is very heavy when it's full of honey.
 His bucket has a series of 2 filters then a spigot to get the honey out.
 First I had to cut the honey out of the frames.
 Then E helped by breaking up the comb to allow the honey to drain out.
 The filter filled up and I still have 3 frames left.  I guess I will let it drain down some then add the rest.  The bee man said 2 frames were darker honey and he didn't recommend mixing it with the rest because it would make it all dark.  He said it didn't taste different but some people don't want dark honey.  So I think I will let this drain down, pull out the light honey then do the darker ones on top so it will be separate.
Here's the first jar.  Yum.


Alica said...

That looks good! It's no wonder that honey is expensive, all the work that it takes. Enjoy!

Alica said...
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50+ Horses said...

I'd never seen this process and found it really interesting. Some of our neighbors keep bees and sell honey but I've never dropped in to purchase.

That will be changing - it looks very nummy! :)

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