Saturday, November 1, 2014

Way Too Early

I don't ever remember a snow this early with so many leaves still on the trees.  
 Fall just got here and now it's winter.
 We had 3-4 inches when we got up this morning.
 Enough for E to go out and make a snowman.
 I don't think any leaves have fallen off of the oak tree in the yard.
 E had to do a little pruning for some arms.
Isn't he handsome.   But I hope he leaves soon.


C said...

We had about 3-4 inches here this morning. All gone by 6pm. Nice Snowman!

Ian H said...

Better you than me! How's that for a selfish statement? Glad that she had fun.

CDH said...

Oh heck no!
No snow here,but 2-6 inches at 4500',

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