Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Pink Christmas

J has really likes his Muck boots and had been wanting to get me a pair.  I think he just wants me to work more so he thinks I need more work clothes.  Anyway, I said I would wear some if they were pink. 
 Well, looky what J found, pink Muck boots. 
  Yesterday was the perfect day to wear them for the first time.
Not only was it damp and cold, I also had to walk a good ways down the road in them as we brought the cattle on the rented farm back to the house. 
My first review is great, my feet stayed not cold (J said I would be hot but I am just stating that "not cold" is not the same as hot) and there were no spots that rubbed my ankles anywhere.  So A+ for a pink Christmas.


Alica said...

Love my muck boots...although they're not pink! :) Do you read Burton's Thoughts? She has a pair just like yours!

Alica said...

Button's Thoughts

Alica said...
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CDH said...

I like my mucks too. I still put foot warmers in them! My feet are never hot. It does keep them not cold. And they are light weight and cushy. My only problem, they don't fit in my stirrups!

fernvalley01 said...

wow! those are some PINK boot! I love my muck boots, they are so comfy and warm! I like that those are so tall too

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