Monday, December 1, 2014

The Big Roundup

We finally got the goats sold, but first we had to round them up. 
 We got up early Thanksgiving morning to get them into the field next to the barn so they would be handy for Friday morning when we needed to sort them.
 It only took 3 trips running up the big hill to get them in.
 I say "only" jokingly, because it is torture running up that hill.  Someone will find me sprawled out having a heart attach half way up some day.   At least we didn't feel the need to take a walk after Thanksgiving Dinner.
We ended up culling 3 nannies, selling 46 to market, keeping 5 replacements, and selling 17 of these females to a local farmer.  Looks like they paid the taxes for another year.


CDH said...

Never seen that many goats before!
Very neat picture them all lined out.

fernvalley01 said...

somehow I never thought of how herding goats would go, only 3 trips huh? I am thinking I would have flopped down on that hill in the first one or 2

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