Monday, January 19, 2015

Feeding and Painting and Happy 100!

The calves are starting to get the hang of eating grain. 
 They all haven't started coming when J pours it out so he has been having to walk around the entire field, hills and hollers and all, to round them up every morning.
 He has had to treat a couple more for respiratory problems but so far hasn't had to retreat any.
 Emma is making friends as usual.
And Wrangler has completed another painting.  This one is his first on actual watercolor paper.  I've had a couple of interested callers (he is for sale) so I thought I better get a stockpile of art work just in case someone actually buys him.

And welcome to Desert Survivor for being my 100th follower.  It only took 7 years, but who's counting?

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