Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where We Left Off

Otoelene has been just wonderful since I've been able to ride her again.  We pretty much took back up where we left off in April when her hoof condition started.  She is only 4 1/2 and pretty much has had the last 8 months off from riding until December.
 A week and a half ago I used her to help move a bull to a new field.
 Then last week I had to get some cattle out of the hay field by myself.
 And yesterday, we rounded up the whole herd in order to wean the calves.
 J stayed up on top of the hill and "swooked" while me and Otoelene got them started.
 She was the calmest, best thing even as the wind was blowing 30 mile/hr.
 Then we got them into the field we were headed for and E got out of the tractor with a flag stick - and the wind was blowing 30 miles/hr and the cattle were crowding and changed their minds about going into the barn lot and all started running back at us.  Luckily, I sensed  possible disaster and got off about 5 seconds before everything exploded including Otoelene.  She started running circles around me bucking and snorting and throwing her tail up over her back.  I lead her the rest of the way and the 3 of us on foot got the cattle in without any more drama.  I rode her back to the barn and she was back to her usual self.
 We got the calves sorted,
the cows and calves dewormed, and everything moved to new fields.  And then it was time for lunch.

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