Friday, May 1, 2015

The Man From Snowy River I Am Not

I hope you are not tired of hearing how awesome Otoelene is because this will be another post about her awesomeness. 
 We had to round up the yearlings off of the back 40.  This is by far the roughest section of the farm to get around on.  There is no driving a 4 wheeler on it so I took Otoelene, my 4 legger.   There were 3 over on that knoll.
 But the majority were in the trees by the creek.  We finally got them all together and moving into the open.  But then we had to drive them up to the top of the hill.
 J hollered at me at one point to head one off that was cutting down the hill and I commented back, "I'm not the Man From Snowy River!"  Pictures don't do the steepness of this section justice.
But we finally got them together and headed toward the barn.  Otoelene did everything I asked and stayed calm cool and collected.  Most of the time I'm worn out by the time we get them rounded up and we still have to work them.  But this time, because of Otoelene, I didn't have to do any running around on foot and I was still fresh for the next step.

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