Saturday, June 27, 2015


 We have a chronic hole in our driveway that acts as a rain gauge of sorts.  I don't know how many loads of rocks we've dumped in it only to see it return time after time.
 But we always know when it has rained while we were away if there is water in the hole.
Well, the grave road we live on washes  too and fills the drainage gully with gravel.  Now with my new cart I can go help clean out the drain way to the culvert.  

 I did have some one watching, but I think they approved.
I had enough from one trip to fill in my hole. 
 Then there was this problem.  Not to bad if you pull up to the mailbox.  But you can get your feet wet if you have to get out.
 I had enough left over to fill in half of it anyway.  That was enough road maintenance for one day.
I'm glad I had been watering my garden because now it is really taking off with the real rain.  The only problem is that our 2nd annual Horse Fest has gotten rained out for the 2nd year.  No ranch rodeo tonight and tomorrows show is in question.  But I'll have an update next time on my cattle working clinic.

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Crystal said...

Hmm you can send me some of your rain :) Its so dry here out grass has withered up and died, no hay to speak of and hopefully we will get some oats for feed.

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