Friday, August 21, 2015

In Bloom At The 4R's

Late summer is a tough time for things to be blooming, but we've had a good season this year with plenty of rain. 
 The zinnias are taking center stage next to the garage door this year.  I've tried several things in this spot but I think I like these best so far.  (and they are pink which is always good)
 They also took over the spot in front of the wood stove too  The pencil hollies didn't do well so I had to pull them up this spring.  The zinnias here got off to a rough start with the Japanese beetles, but they finally pulled through.
 I can always count on the black-eyed-Susans to be pretty this time of year.
 And surprisingly, the crape myrtle have finally come into their own.  I had given up on them a few years ago and pulled up the 2 on the far end but that just seemed to stimulate them to try harder.  Even though I had pulled them up by the roots they still came back.  This is the prettiest they have ever been.
And lastly, this cute miniature rose.  This was a thank you gift from a client that I had to go in on emergency to euthanize their 18 year old cat.  They thanked my for my 'compassion and competence'.  Sort of a sad thing to be good at, but a nice gesture that I can remember when the next one complains about me.

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