Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moving Out, Sort Of

This was E's last morning to enjoy in her chair. (yes, it is summer here despite the evidence to the contrary) 
 Today, J helped move her into her new dorm room at Tech.
 She had the car loaded.
 She'll be on the second floor of the honors dorm, 2 to a room, 2 rooms to a suite, 1 bathroom per suite.
 Her friend Jackson volunteered to help her move in.  That left J only having to make one trip carrying things from the car.  He said  they parked right at the door, easy peasy.
I guess we are on our way to being empty nesters.  But we do have V to look forward to next month.  She is having to work at a bank branch closer to home so she will be spending September here, YAY!  And E will still be coming home for holidays and summers.

1 comment:

Virginia Reasor said...

It looks like E should be going into middle school instead of college.

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