Monday, August 24, 2015

New Tack Boxes

We have 3 new 4-Her's going to the State Horse Show next month so we needed 3 new tack boxes for them.  When V and E went for the first time the club leader made the tack boxes and gave them to us. 
 Guess I'm continuing the tradition.  Our local Saddle Club has a riding for charity class in all of it's shows.  Last fall our 4-H club was the charity.  I had enough money from that donation for the lumber and hardware for the boxes.
 I had been tormenting for some time about having to cut the plywood but discovered Lowes would make unlimited cuts at no charge, so off to Lowes it was.
Construction after that was pretty easy, just needing my circular saw, drill and dremel.  Plus, it was nice having the shop to work in.  Now it's up to the 4-Her's to pick them up and add some paint and a shelf if they want.
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