Sunday, September 6, 2015

Final Practice

Well, it turned out that I didn't have to write a letter or pay a $50 substitution fee to switch Pep for Brother at the State Show.  Apparently, there was a September 1st deadline to do changes without a fee and luckily E went by the State office between classes on the first and got that done.  
 The only problem was that I had been riding Pep some (3 times) since E was off at college and on Monday I tried to clip her ears out which she hates.  Every she would toss her head and move I would make her work lunging her back and forth then having her stand still again.  In theory that is suppose to make them want to stand still but theory didn't work on Pep.  She would stand still but continue to toss her head or flick her ear just enough to keep me from clipping and I only got her ears halfway chopped at.  
 Well, Tuesday I went to ride her and guess what, she was lame.  I guess I had worked her to hard in the flat sand covered barn.  So E switched horses just in time for Pep's lameness.  I started her on bute (anti inflammatory medicine) right away and put her in the 'fat' lot with Otoelene.  She was sound again in a day but now I'm afraid to stop the bute.  I have been tapering it down so if she needs more later I can go back up on the dose.  
E came down for a day this weekend to clean her tack and take one more ride on Pep.  Keep your fingers crossed that she stays sound for one more week.


C said...

That is very nerve wracking. I hope all goes well at the state show.

Crystal said...

Oh no, hope she is sound, thats so hard when you have to only have one horse listed then its lame.

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