Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sale Pending

I had a very nice, 64 year old retired lady look at Wrangler last week.  She trail rides and use to do endurance.  She loved Wrangler and if he passes her vet's Vet Check she wants him.  Of course nothing is ever simple here.  He has an abscess from where I let his feet get too long while on vacation then the farrier was overbooked and a shoe lost.  He is sound with bute but just slightly off without it.  No way he would pass a vet check yet.  I've got a call into the farrier to see about resetting his shoes; it's been 5 weeks.   It is so frustrating to have a horse totally sound for 2 years then get a buyer only to have an abscess.  He has been the only one of my 7 here not to have had one until now.  It's a rough place.
 So Wrangler is in the rockless lot, waiting.  And what better way to pass the time than to do a little more painting.
Unfortunately, the 4-H silent auction was so crowded that I think his artwork was overlooked or not understood.  It only brought $9.  Wish I had been up there at the end to have bought it back myself.   Fingers crossed we can get him sound so he can go to a home where he can be ridden and enjoyed.


Mrs Shoes said...

$9? Danggit, I thought it'd go for over $50 at least; I'd have bid $50 & been happy to get it so cheap. Ah well, many artists don't get the recognition that they deserve until after they are gone, & Wrangler has many years to go. Luckily, he'll never be a starving artist.

Really glad to hear about the older lady - if she knows a damn thing about horses she'll know that abscesses are relatively common, easily healed, & that he will return to full soundness shortly. If she's too dull to understand that or in too much hurry to be understanding, then it's not meant to be. But, I really, really hope it works out.
Fingers crossed for Wrangler.

Kalin said...

Fingers crossed that he heals up quick!

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