Tuesday, September 15, 2015

State Show 2015, Day 2

E's first day of showing started early with getting ready for showmanship.  Pep's scraggly mane took awhile to get under control, but E managed a fine job. 
 Then it was off to Waldron Arena to perform the pattern she had practiced so will just the previous evening.
 I think the theme for today is, "fixed old problems but develop new ones."
 Pep has always been a good trotter but has issues with standing still in this arena and backing.  So true to our new theme, she broke twice trotting but did everything else fine.  E got an ok score but not high enough for top 10.
Grandma and Aunt L came to see the show too.  There was a little down time where J and Grandma read the paper.
 E and I walked around and watched some dressage.
 Then it was time for Western Pleasure Pony, Sr Rider 1st go.
 Pep looked better than she had in a long time.  Unfortunately for western pleasure Pep looking good means she is going too fast.
 There were 10 in the class and this was by far the best competition E has every had in this division.   She ended up 6th.  Only the top 5 average over 2 classes make it to the finals, so E was a little depressed about that.  She'd have to do better tomorrow.
 Pep did sail through the trail preliminary.  E said she thought Pep probably could have done it by herself.  Se just had a click of her back hoof on the standard as she backed to latch the gate.
 And no problem on the back through.  I knew the judge and she assured me E would have no problem making the finals.
 Grandma got close enough to congratulate E (but not Pep)

Then  came Working Western.  E had a high number so the class was about 1/2 over when I went to check her in.  SHE WASN'T ON THE LIST!!  I was told to go to the show office to check with them.  They didn't have her either even though she was in the printed program, albeit with Brother instead of Pep since she had made that change Sept 1.  They finally got her added but that put her at the end of the class so more time for Pep to stand around.

 The hard part here was the counter canter (left lead going to the right) at the end which Pep nailed.  The easy part was loping a fast the slow circle to the right which Pep failed.
 Once again a great lineup and no top 10.
 Last thing for the day was $5 to practice for 10 minutes on 7 obstacles (but only 6 stations because one was used as backing through and trotting over) with 5 horses at a time.  The others in E's group were all large hunters that kept destroying all of the poles.  But E got though everything pretty good and was ready for the trail finals the next day.
 We had 2 new girls showing with our county this year.  Anna showed in 2 hunter pleasure pony classes.  She was 5/10 in the first one and 10/10 (wrong lead) in the second one.
Amelia showed Hunter Pleasure Small Horse.  She was reserve (11th) out of 19 in her first class, didn't place in her second, was 9/20 in equitation and in the trail prelim, made it through the gate but couldn't get her horse to back through the poles.  They both found out what it takes to show here and I think are looking forward to next year.


C said...

Another great update. I'm sorry that not all is going well for E. Looking forward to the next update.

Crystal said...

Sounds like a long day. And not going as planned. At least trail is going good.

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