Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Weaning

I didn't go shopping today.  Instead, I got the ride Otoelene for 4 hours while we worked with the cattle.  That's better than shopping any day.  
 The cattle were in the boundary that can be a little challenging to move them out of.  But today they were ready to go on their own.
 J had to put up the temporary electric fence so they would go on into the barn lot.
 And I got to ride Otoelene up to the top of the hill to bring the rest of the cattle down.
At least the view is nice from up there.  After we got these all in the lot J took off on the 4 wheeler one way and I went on Otoelene the other to make sure none were left in the nooks and crannies.   
 This is usually the part where I put Otoelene up and do the sorting on foot.  But today, J wanting me to sort them on horseback.  There is no way I can say enough about how wonderful Otoelene did.  We would bring the cows out one at a time so J could deworm them as they went past him into the other lot.  The cows moved out better and the calves didn't get as worked up as when I am on foot.  Then when we had to run the calves through the gate one at a time to deworm them.   I had Otoelene ground tie near the gate to block them from cutting out.  She was like having a third person standing there.
There was a wild steer from a neighbor that we had to sort out and they came and picked up.  Then more temporary fence to move the calves to another field.  Then we moved the cows through the horse field into a different field that borders where we put the calves so they will be fence lined weaned.
I never dreamed I would ever have a horse this good.

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