Monday, November 9, 2015

The Big Goat Roundup

We got a call yesterday that they were taking the goats up at the market today.  We didn't have an opportunity to round them up until this morning, in the pouring rain.  
 They were split into two groups and it took 1 1/2 hours to round them all up and get them to the barn.
 They were about as far from the barn as they could get but headed that direction without any trouble.
 Spray Paint, one of the bottle goats, was with the rest of the herd.  This probably saved her seeing as J had already marked her for sale.  He thought she was ugly and didn't want to keep her.  But since she was keeping up with the herd and not causing any trouble (remember Sissy), it looks like she'll stay.
 Once we got them all in, we sorted out the nannies we were keeping.
Then we went through the bottle goats and got out all the males to sell.  We culled 5 nannies and lost a couple more during the year so we ended up keeping 7 bottle females and 6 others.  That makes a total for 44 females.  
That left 61 to sell.  It was pretty much a trailer load.  Now the billy is in with them and we will be looking for some little ones in about 5 months.

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Mrs Shoes said...

I've read that goats are much easier to keep compared to sheep - have you ever kept sheep? If you have, did you find one easier than the other to keep?

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