Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saddle Club Chinese Santa

Our local Saddle Club had their annual Christmas dinner last night.  As part of the party we do a Chinese gift exchange which on occasion can get quite devious.  The price limit is $10.  Here is what I took.
The star with barb wire which I made more festive with tinsel.
A pet bed J picked out.
And this nice card,
with this taped to the back.  The pet bed and money were very popular trading items.

And this is what we came home with.
A lariat wreath that I might have to gussy up a bit more,
that came with this battery lantern.
A portable handsaw and light.
And 3 horse shoe hooks similar to this one.  V ended up with these and took them home before I could take a picture.  They were even on her Christmas list this year.  
We have another party this Thursday, so 3 more gifts to round up.
Party on.  


Michelle said...

We do something similar where I work. Always fun!

C said...

Party on Garth.

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