Friday, December 4, 2015

Soda Can Project Plus One

I has suspiciously asked one of my sisters to save some interesting aluminum cans for me.  She was very curious as to what I would be doing with them.
Since it is almost Christmas, I thought it would be pretty obvious that I would be making Christmas ornaments with them.
Hers were the pink, blue and orange ones.  I like those best because you can't really tell what they are as opposed to the Mt. Dew and Coke cans.  
And this is the plus one.  I made one of these last year (HERE) for the Saddle Club Christmas party.  But I didn't have a big enough drill bit or strong enough drill at the time to make it so it would hold the glass votive along with the candle.
So now with those additions to my shop I made myself one.  All's I can say is "Love It". 


Alica said...

Love the candle holder, especially! I know a handy man (aka my Dad)who could make one of these, and I'm sure I could hit up some Amish neighbors for some used horse shoes!

Mrs Shoes said...

I do like them all, but I's probably like it even more if the horseshoes were upside right (is that even a word?).

C said...

All very cool!

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