Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wrangler's Still Here

I've gotten tired of waiting for Wrangler to get totally sound so I called an equine vet friend to come out and give me a second opinion.  After watching him lunge, doing flexion tests, nerve blocks and x-rays, she determined the abscess area was still bothering him.   It's nice to have official conformation of what I already suspected, but really, when is this thing going to heal up.  She recommended a bar shoe, filing out the abscess crack and unloading the lateral side of the hoof.  I called the potential buyer and explained the situation.  I told her I was just turning him back out with the other horses and we'll see what happens when we reset the shoes again.  I am not doing a bar shoe at this time.  Amazingly, she is still interested but obviously still looking for something else. 
So what better way to spend some quality time with a lame horse than painting.  
V says I'm getting better at the color selections.  My boss has decided to buy two of Wrangler's paintings for a niece and niece-in-law that both are riders and horse lovers.  So I guess I at least have his next set of shoes paid for.  I haven't had time to set up the Etsy store yet.  The pictures I have to advertise aren't as good as I would like and I haven't had a chance during good daylight to take more.  Just add that to my "To Do" list.


fernvalley01 said...

Hopefully the buyer will take him when he comes sound. A talented guy like that is worth the wait!

Mrs Shoes said...

So frustrating, but lucky you have the room to keep him while he heals completely; his new painting is quite pretty.
That 'to do' list never ends at our place, seems just as I cross one thing off I have to add two back on!

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