Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just Plain Cold

 We had about an inch of snow Sunday then it turned cold.
 7 degrees this morning.
 Because of the snow and a flat tire, the little girl turning 9 wasn't able to come Sunday and paint with Wrangler.  V was home though, and did a painting with him instead.  She has already framed in and hung in her office.  She really likes the purple bird on the right.  Wrangler has a thing for painting birds.
Since it's been cold I haven't been doing to much outside unless absolutely necessary, so enjoy a picture of the goats. 
J just had to start feeding hay around Christmas so the bale lot is still pretty full.  The forecast for this weekend is 5 - 24 inches of snow.  Guess we will have to wait and see which model is correct.


Alica said...

I'm hoping for the 5" here! What do your goats think of the cold weather?

fernvalley01 said...

its been snappy cold here too, Wrangler is a talented fellow! I like his artworks

Mrs Shoes said...

Just started feeding hay @ Xmas?
I wish!

Michelle said...

They are forecasting only 8 inches for us. Can't imagine 24 inches!

Crystal said...

Ugh that could be a lot of snow, we had a cold weekend but its warmed up a bit again.

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