Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Suture Removal

Trying to get a picture of anything other than Emma's nose is about impossible.
 She had had a tumor on her upper right eyelid that was rubbing on the eye and causing a lot of irritation.  So I finally managed to take her to the clinic New Year's Eve and remove it.
 She also had 3 warts on top of her head that were irritating me, so I removed them too.
 And while she was out I trimmed up the hair on her feet, trimmed her nails and combed her tail and feathers which she hates for me to do.
Everything has healed up nicely and I was able to get the sutures out without any problem.  Now her eye is fine and I can pat her head without those yucky bumps.


Alica said...

Looking good, Emma! Is that hard for you, to operate on your own animals?

Crystal said...

Yay,I like how you do other stuff while shes out haha that's perfect.

Mrs Shoes said...

Hoohoo, I'm so glad that it's not JUST me! When my favourite dog of all time got a wart, I felt BAD that it was weirding me out to the point that I had it removed - almost as though I worried she might think I didn't love her 'warts & all'. I loved the dog, but not her wart.

Michelle said...

Glad to see she is fully recovered. Sweet photos :)

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