Monday, February 29, 2016

The Aloof Horse

E received this book as one of her awards at the Arabian Nationals Horse Judging contest a couple of years ago. 
I started reading it then and it was very interesting in how it described different horse personalities.  The author discussed 4 main personalities: social, fearful, aloof  and challenging,  then combinations of the 4 types. 
 Can you guess which category I'm putting Hank in?  He is the sorrel to the far left.
 Here is the rest of the herd (minus Wrangler because he was painting),
and here is Hank.

The Aloof Horse:
   "The aloof horse is easiest to define by what he doesn't do.  Aloof types interact much less than any of the other types do, and at times this horse may seem to be in his own little world.  He will frequently seem detached or removed from his present environment, to the point of being disassociated from it.  Owners of aloof horses frequently notice this detachment or distance, as if their horse had an invisible barrier around him.  It may appear that your aloof horse is paying very close or studious attention to almost nothing at all."

I think this describes Hank to a tee. All in all, an interesting read, especially if you have has several horses.  It is fun to guess what category they would be in.


Mrs Shoes said...

Interesting - coincidentally, Linda @ Beautiful Mustang was talking about 'at liberty' work which made me think about my Chestnut mare who I would sure describe as aloof in the pasture (where she rarely cares to be haltered)
But, once that little mare comes through the gate into the barnyard & has her halter on, she tries to please with all her heart & soul.
I guess, like me, she needs more than one descriptor for the different facets of her character.

Linda said...

Interesting. Mrs. Shoes gave me a heads up about this post. I wonder if there are other types of aloofness such as the difference when they're with the herd vs with us. We have a 36 year old who has always been a kid's horse--his whole life. He has also worked with the handicapped. Gentle giant. He is very aloof with people, but does his job with perfection and great pride. However, he is extremely protective and social in the herd. At 36 years old he is the 2nd in charge---he is at the top of the mare herd (five mares)--and they all sleep in a circle around him--walk in a circle around him to guide him to his stall at night. My horse, Beautiful, is the same way--someewhat aloof with me, but social in the herd.

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