Monday, February 8, 2016

The Six

The six bottle goats we kept had been doing well staying with the herd until recently.  They some how got separated and have been hanging around the house and barn for several days.  One day they got into the yard and J ran them out into another field.
 The only problem with that was they then got into where J is feeding grain to some calves and the goats were jumping up in the troughs eating and messing in the grain.
 I know it's only 4 of them here but the other two couldn't squeeze in the window during the rain storm.  Anyway, it was up to me to get them with the rest of the goats again.  And since there is no herding them, I towed them with a bucket of grain.  The trick is to run away fast enough so they don't follow me back to the barn again.  
 I guess it worked because they are back with the others for the time being.
If they continue to make pests of themselves their time here may be limited.  (the snow picture is not them, I just liked the picture)

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