Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wooden Horseshoe Box

Wrangler's wares continue to expand. 
 We now have another use for his horseshoes.
 With some reclaimed wood from an old barn that's falling down, I made a rustic wooden box that will hold quart canning jars.
 I can see a lot of possibilities in the decorating department with this one.
He also sold his third painting on Ebay!  This one is on it's way to Missouri.


C said...

Great new idea! Good news on the sale!

Mrs Shoes said...

That is awesome. You should make more of these because they are functional as well as decorative.
If I may make a suggestion?
What if you were to decoupage a slice of Wrangler art on the 2 long sides of the box? That would make it even a little fancier & more "Wrangler" than ever.
You could also use a router to inset the whole area, or just as a decorative feature around the decoupage.
Can you tell that I love this project?

My horses go barefoot (Morgans, feet like iron, I've only ever shod them for mountain excursions) so I don't have any old shoes to play with... but right after I saw your project, I emailed my farrier to see if he has any that he might part with. Crossing my fingers.

Crystal said...

I love that tray, saw something similar on pintrest to make with pallets, I may try that but alas no shoes around here either and since everything is horseshoe these days hard to find any anywhere

fernvalley01 said...

that is great! My cousin is doing some similar work with barnwood and horseshoes! so creative and nice

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