Friday, March 11, 2016

Cutting Down

When we first built our house 17 years ago, it was in the middle of open pasture.  I had no landscape plan.  I would just go to Lowe's and buy whatever was on sale and try to find a place for it.  Some things worked but others did not.
 I thought this worked for awhile but have recently decided that it was probably not a good idea to plant holly bushes right against the foundation and siding with no room for the roots.  I've worried they might start damaging the sidewalk too.  My idea was for an espalier but it has been taking too much effort.
 So now they are gone.  There is so much else going on in the yard I don't think I will miss them.  Over the Spring I will most likely be removing other trees and shrubs that have outgrown their usefulness.
On a different note, I had a fabulous ride on Otoelene Tuesday and when I got back I talked J into getting on her.  I just wanted to share my joy with him.  In the future I will try to hold my tongue and not give instruction.  I'm not sure my joy translated to J.


Crystal said...

Haha I hear you about the joy not translating I have been there.
That sure looks different without a plant right next to the house. We have been thinking about what trees/bushes to plant around our house yet, probly wait till next year cause hopefully a garage is going up this spring.

C said...

Tough decision but I think you did the right thing.

Mrs Shoes said...

The espaliers are so impressive, but they do take so much time (impatient me, I like to see faster progress). I've seen espaliers done on either side of a fence (where the branches were anchored) which were very pretty & a labour of love. Totally see what your saying about the root system right there against the house (why buy trouble, right?) so I get why you'd pull them out.

I do have to say though, that I envy your weather because (in this part of The Great White North) our growing season is short & it can be brutal... how the Mr ever convinced me to leave my temperate clime was a real magic trick.
Otoelene looks lovely in the sunshine.

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