Friday, April 22, 2016

Glorious Rain

We had so much rain in December when we didn't need it and none in April when we've desperately needed it.  Until today that is.  Finally, 1/2 inch of rain!  I'm sure it will dry up fast when the temperatures reach 80 next week, but at least there is hope.  
 I'm not sure this one enjoyed the rain much.  He was just born yesterday.  But he did find an umbrella to lay under.  It is very interesting to see how some of the nannies protect the little ones.
 Doesn't this one just make you want to take a nap.
 He found a good pillow.
There's not anything much cuter than baby goats.

Kid Count: 63


Alica said...

Sweet babies! The "umbrella" is great! I hope some of that rain is coming our way.

Crystal said...

I+Oh I need a soft pillow like that! Too cute

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