Saturday, April 9, 2016

Too Cold For April

We had a set of twin goats born yesterday late afternoon.  They were up and doing good but the forecast was for rain, snow, wind and 30 degrees.  We opened the barn up for all the goats but this nanny was very flighty and not particularly close to the barn. 
 So I got dressed up for my bedtime goat check.  If it was January it wouldn't be so bad because you expect it to be cold, but the second week of April?  
The night before another nanny had kidded late afternoon and the wind was brutal so I had laid over a barrel in front of them as a wind break.  Well, then next day some older more curious kids found it and thought it was a great place to hide out.  They were also back in it that night.
 That gave J the idea of rolling another barrel down to the new kids and put them in it.  I added some towels and they made it though the night in good shape.  Another nanny thought it made a good wind break for her two.  Maybe we should try marketing these as kid hutches.
 Some nannies and kids toughed it out outside.
 Others piled up in the barn.
Anything to stay warm during the storm.

Kid Count - 35


Alica said...

Great kid hutches! :) They look so cute peeking out the end of the barrel! That last picture is really sweet, too.

C said...

Kids in a barrel - adorable

Rose said...

I can't believe they chose to stay outside when they had the option of being inside!

Crystal said...

That first one in the barrel is too cute!

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