Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stuff Other Than Sweetwater

We do have a life beyond the mustang.  Here are a few of our recent adventures. 
 J tried to get a second swarm of bees.  This swarm was from our own hive.
 They were pretty high up and J couldn't hold the box on the ladder so he used a 5 gallon bucket.
 Then dumped them into the hive.  They stayed for a few days but then left.
 We've planted most of the garden but then had two nights in the 30's last week where we had to cover it all up.
 We had a surprise kidding.  I guess I have miscounted the goats and this one snuck by.  She had triples but one was dead, one was up and nursing and one was very weak.  J had to put the goat hook on the catch pole to snag her.
 The weak one nursed well but that night was one of the cold ones and the next morning she was down and out with hypothermia.  I warmed her up and tube fed her.  It has taken a few days for her to get straightened out but she is doing fine now and looking for a new home.
 Then we got a call about another swarm of bees.  These were on a stick on the ground so easy to get to.  It looks like these might stay.
 Wrangler has been on the back burner.  I did get a new painting from him this week.
 But he was never meant to stay here so I have contacted a trainer to take him and get him sold for me.  He'll make someone a good horse, just not here.  I've got a few more sheets of paper in the current pack I hope to get him to paint on before he goes.
 J has declared this the summer of Brother.  He plans to "ride him into the ground." Whatever that means.
 He started with some liberty work,
Then went on to do some riding in the barn.  We are hoping to get back out on the trails soon. 
And we have let E go off to Ecuador for 3 week on a college conservation course.  I think she will have a wonderful time.


Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your first swarm. Do you have a queen excluder? We cut a piece off of one just big enough to cover the entrance to the hive. A long time beekeeper told me to do that. That way the queen can't leave and all the bees stayed with the queen. After a few weeks, we took ours off because they had started building comb and they have stayed put. It's worth a try. If you look on my blog on the swarm post and enlarge the pics, you should be able to see what we did.

Crystal said...

Wow a lot going on, hope you get one swarm of bees to stay. We have a lot around here buzzing but I see no swarm or no hives not sure where they are coming from.

Michelle said...

I do hope your bees stay. I have had trouble with swarming before. I dislike it when they leave!

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