Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sweetwater Day 18

 In the morning I worked on some desensitization with a big piece of plastic.
She actually didn't seem to mind too much with me approaching her with it.
 I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but she is starting to accept it, at least at a distance.  She never spun to take off or bounced off the fence as in the past.
 After a little bit I put it in her feed tub and put the hay on top.  She was none too happy about it.
 But she did approach it from several sides,
 Inspected it thoroughly,
 and finally decided it was ok to eat the hay.
 I then put it under the tub for the rest of the day.  I think I'll get a bigger piece where she will have to stand on it next.  Food is a strong tool in desensitizing.
Then in the evening I just worked on being able to walk up to her and stand next to her and rub her.  There might have been a breakthrough.  I got he lead rope on after about 5 minutes without too much drama.  Then she actually relaxed.  Not sure if it shows up in this picture but her lower lip is very relaxed. 
And she had a relaxed rear leg.  I know it does't seem like much but she also stood still while I walked from one side to the other and let me brush both sides without moving off.  She is leading some better too.   Then this morning when I just fed her, I brushed both sides without a lead rope and no moving off.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


C said...

Wow - yesterday's update was very tough. Today's brings new hope and great progress. BTW the video did not work.

C said...

Video is working. She seems to be pretty calm with all that distraction.

Crystal said...

Shes coming around

aurora said...


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