Monday, May 2, 2016

Sweetwater Day 3

What's that?  Could it actually be horse hair?
 I was finally able to touch her withers this morning.  I took a picture of the hair on my hand just in case it never happened again.  I wanted proof.  It took a lot of approach and retreat, rubbing with the stick, leaning in with my second hand on the stick close to her then I rubbed her and then she took off.  I managed a couple of more brief touched before I called it quits for the morning.
 I've started feeding her hay in a feed tub hoping she will get use to it and eat the grain.
 But after 3 days this is as close as she gets to putting her nose in it.  I even added sliced apples, still no go. She was even eating hay off the ground, bumped her face against the tub, scared herself and took off.
 I did get some actual riding time in on Brother and Otoelene today.  I used Otoelene to check the cows that haven't calved and to move a small group to another field.
 It was a nice afternoon for it.
Then in my afternoon session with Sweetwater I was really able to rub her.  I was even able to walk, very slowly mind you, up to her without the stick and rub her.  She really seems to be trying but she is just so scared of everything.  She even started to frantically run around when the rain started hitting her.  Sometimes she is trying so hard to stand still like I have asked but just shakes with fear.  She did this when I was trying to rub lower down on her shoulder with the stick.  I got to a place I hadn't touched before and she took off.  When I asked her to stop again and approached she just had her front leg partially raised and all her shoulder muscles were just quivering with the effort of holding still.  But trooper that she is, she held still while I rubbed her in the new spot then finally relaxed, at least until the next stressful occurrence.

Like a bug to a zapper I am drawn to FB.
Trainer 1 now  has a saddle on and is leading at a walk and trot, going over poles, and at the beginning stages of getting his horse to lay down.

Trainer 2 is teaching showmanship leading, stopping and setting up, can pick up all 4 feet to clean them, and has a surcingle on.

I'm really hoping to get a lead rope on tomorrow.
Hope you all aren't getting tired of the blow by blow.  And again, thanks for the encouragement.


C said...

Wow you are making big progress - considering you had been wondering if you could ever touch her (and you did it with a camera in one hand - that is impressive).

C said...

It does not sound like those others will actually qualify as extreme makeovers...

aurora said...

Awww, love how hard she is trying for you!!! This is a huge step! It has got to make you feel good. I don't know the equine equivalent of the sports mantra "play your game" but if you focus on that, you will be a winner on all levels. Please know my comments are meant to be encouraging. It's all so easy to say from behind a computer. Every Mustang Challenge trainer I've "known" is so hard on themselves, when in reality - they are doing remarkable things!! I am enjoying your training posts! However you choose to track your training, will show how far you've come in such a short time, and document the incredible journey you are on with Sweetwater!!

WendyFromNY said...

I'm just a lurker here, and even though I am not a horse person, am enjoying this. LOVE the look of this mare and wish you all the best in befriending her. Can't wait for the next post!

Crystal said...

Yay! Progress, hard to not look at what others are doing but just do our own thing she will come around

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