Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sweetwater First Half Week 4

Sunday Sweetwater had a visitor in her lot.  Our beef, on the day before he was taken to his final destination, made a great escape all the way from his lot though the gate to Sweetwater's lot.  
 Looks like he is already desensitized to plastic.
 One of my sisters came to visit too.  For anyone that knows her she is a good as having a 5 year old running around to help desensitize Sweetwater.
 Then Monday was a big day.  I introduced he to a saddle.  I used a light hunter one first because I knew I was going to have to do a lot of showing/taking away.  I will spare you the video of when I finally put it on and tightened the girth, but it was very similar to the video of when I snapped the lead rope on her for the first time, just a little more bucking and some donkey like sound effects.
  It wasn't long before she accepted it and let me lunge her and lead her out to graze.
 This morning I managed to comb her forelock.  Now I just have the tail to go.
I've been working on brushing and rubbing her legs but today was the first day I was able to pick up the front ones without her trying to lay down.  Excuse the view but I'm doing the filming by myself.  I have worked on her rear legs with brushing, rubbing and a rope but haven't gotten up the nerve to pick them up yet.  I've seen how hard she can kick so I might wait a little longer.
 She was much more accepting of the saddle today, no bucking or running off.
Looks like she will make a pretty hunter or dressage horse.
Almost a month and she has made lots of changes in both her appearance and training.  I've pretty much given up on thinking we will be competitive at the end.  We will just be at whatever stage we make it to.


Alica said...

You must have nerves of steel! :) She's quite pretty!

Crystal said...

I think you have the right attitude, she is coming along nicely no need to rush her. She sure is looking good

C said...

You completely cracked me up with this line "For anyone that knows her she is as good as having a 5 year old running around to help desensitize Sweetwater". You are clearly making good progress. I think your comment "We will just be at whatever stage we make it to" makes good sense. I think Sweetwater is a pretty horse.

aurora said...

The look on Sweetwater's face in the first photo, something like "um, helllooo aren't you going to do something about this??" ha ha! She is looking good, and the progress you've made is nothing but commendable!!

Mrs Shoes said...

Competition - whatevs (as my daughter might say). You're doing right by Sweetwater the individual, & that must feel like a reward in itself. You two are making great headway - well done you.

TheHorseNextDoor said...

She is really coming along nicely! I think she will make a gorgeous hunter mount. She looks right at home with that english saddle on her back!

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Ruth said...

Awww yay for progress :)

fernvalley01 said...

Looks to me like you have come a long way!

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