Saturday, July 9, 2016

10 Random Things

I wanted to catch up on a few things from our trip and after. 
J had taken a walk and came across hundreds of crabs. 
I just liked the angle of this picture. 
There were lots of turtle nest on the beach this year. 
We decided to do something different and rented kayaks for a couple of hours and paddled around on the sound side of the island.  J and V were together in one. 
And me and E were in the other.  It was a very fun and relaxing change from the beach side.
When we got back I think Sweetwater was trying to revert back to the wild.  A section of her mane had already twisted into a big knot.  
Someone had asked how we could get away.  We don't go often and J's dad usually comes to check on things but this time we hired a neighbor to do the checking. 
I really have no idea how this gladiola decided to volunteer in the middle of the crape myrtle tree.  
I spent a couple of hours today trying to groom the big dogs.  I ended up with a bag packed full of hair and mats. 
While I was trying to brush her, Bea plopped down next to this tree that had a honey bee hive in it.  
I rode Otoelene 3 miles up the gravel road to the other farm to check on the bulls for J.  I like it when he gives me jobs that involve getting to ride my horse. 
And here is the first head of broccoli and 3 of the nearly 20 cucumbers I've gotten so far this year.

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