Sunday, July 17, 2016

2 Hour Farm Tour

Warning, picture heavy post to follow,

J and I rode around the farm for a couple of hours yesterday.  
 We started by heading down the driveway.
 Then a right at the cattle guard to head up though the pine trees.
 When we built new fence last year we had a new gate put in on top, so through the gate,
 then across the top of the hill in front of the house.  That is this year's hay supply that we just finished having hauled in.
 We passed the heifers,
 then across the backside of the hill in front of the house.
 There is a little wooded section next to the gravel road.
 Then along the line fence between us and Stroups.
 We crossed Chaney Branch,
 went though a field of wildflowers.
 and between Chaney Branch and our other neighbors.
 We came back across Chaney Branch,
 then though the small isolated bottom.
 Back up the hill,
though the old hay field.  
That then took us past the bull lot.
Had to take a break to drink from the tire trough.
Then on through the holler, 
to the bottom.
We then headed up the next holler below the house,
and around the field below the barn.
There was another small water crossing,
before we headed up the backside of the big hill.
Brother wanted to take charge while J was opening a gate.
Then the final stretch back toward the house.
There were a few areas we didn't cover, but that was enough for one day.


C said...

Nice tour. I enjoyed seeing the views framed with O's ears. Beautiful views. Wildflower pic is very dramatic.

Alica said...

Thanks for the tour! Love the ears.

aurora said...

Beautiful ride & views!! Looks like you've got varied terrain & a lot of acreage to enjoy complete with crystal clear water. Thanks for taking us along!

Michelle said...

I love this picture heavy post. Beautiful!

Mrs Shoes said...

Wow, your place is enormous!

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