Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fun Times At the West Virginia State Fair

Every since we moved back from WV 23 years ago, J has been talking about going back to the WV State Fair.  A few years ago he did go back with V and E but I didn't go. 
Well, this year we made it back. 
And of course we started out in the cattle barn.
I thought this sign in the bunny tent was hilarious!
And as proof this was a business trip here is J telling V and E about this chute system that is made in Thedford, NE. 
V found some decorative items that she liked and thought I might make for her. 
We were entertained by the Rhinestone Roper. 
He even did horse tricks. 
And his finally was just like an act on America's Got Talent.  Then after being spun around and having knives thrown at her, his wife shot a gun and hit a balloon tossed in the air.  Their 14 year old daughter was also in the act.  E's comment to that was, "That would be my worst nightmare.  Glad our family isn't in the entertainment business."
I enjoyed the walk through the heritage garden.  I have a lot of the flowers and shrubs that they were displaying. 
This was my favorite quilt in the craft show.  Love the colors and squares. 
We even found some shark teeth at one of the shops.
We skipped the midway but a successful trip to the state fair.  And J didn't even buy any new equipment. 


C said...

This line cracked me up!

E's comment to that was, "That would be my worst nightmare. Glad our family isn't in the entertainment business."

Michelle said...

This looks like fun, but the girl on the wheel?!! Oh my goodness!!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

looks like so much fun

Mare said...

Love the state fair. Didn't get a chance to go this year. Glad you had fun/

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