Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Like everyone else, between work and vacation, it's been busy.  This year J and I took off to Mount Roger's with our saddle club for camping and trail riding.  
We got a great spot this time and were even able to use the picket line so we didn't have to have the horses tied to the trailer.  Without them clanging and banging we even got some sleep at night.   We also took our old grill so we could cook hamburgers for supper and bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Best we have eaten on a trail ride too.
As anyone that has hiked or ridden on Mount Rogers knows, it's pretty rocky up there.  Friday, J and I were a little late getting there so we rode by ourselves for a couple of hours.  
The next day we went in a group of 8.  Otoelene was a dream until she saw the long horn cattle. She freaked out!  Between that and the campers at the scales with the tents, fires and Frisbees, I had to get off and lead her until we were out of sight of it all.  It was so unlike her because I work the cattle on her here all the time. 
Anyway, the views were stunning. 
The weather was nice, 70s in the day 40's to 50's at night.  
Don't tell anyone we took this trail. 
We ended up riding about 6 hours the second day.  
Then Sunday we went back out with 8 others but then split off with 2 when we realized they weren't riding to the top again.  Otoelene did better with the cattle.  I don't think they surprised her as bad and we kept our distance.  We did get into bees twice however. 
Brother did good for the most part.  A few episodes of mind lost but J handled it all well.  At 5 and 6  ours were the youngest horses out of the 16 there.  Sunday we rode for another 7 hours.  All back in one piece so another great weekend. 
Then Monday, since she had the day off, I went wedding dress shopping with V.  Success!  We bought a dress and I think it was even reasonably priced.  She was beautiful in everything she tried on so it just came down to what she liked better.  And what she liked was one that fit the best so it will need very little in the alteration department.  Now we can get to work on the rest of the wedding details.  


Jen said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! I'm fascinated by everyones' tales of overnight horse camping. Not something I have experience with personally.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

lovely way to spend a weekend

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