Sunday, September 18, 2016

Summer of Brother

Earlier this year J declared this to be "The Summer of Brother."  Therefore, we have been trying to all the riding that we can with him.  This weekend was our horse club's last show of the year.  There were multiple other horse events close by so we were worried that there wouldn't be much of a turnout for our show.  So Brother went to try to fill up some classes.  
It was a small show.  I entered 3 classes.  We placed 2nd in Western Go As You Please out of six.  Brother had a bad moment where he threw his head straight up when a horse was behind him.  He absolutely hates horses behind him which is quite a handicap at a horse show.  It's no fun on a trail ride either but easier to deal with.
Our next class was Jr. Horse Go As You Please.  And seeing as we were the only one in the class we came away with the blue ribbon.  And because there were no horses behind him he did perfect.
Then came our riding for charity class with 7 entries.  He totally lost it when the walking horse flew by and then tried to catch up to it.  We ended up 4th.  Only his 2nd show this year, he was calmer outside the ring and I got some good riding in.  We all got home in one piece so another successful outing.  Now J wants to continue on with "The Autumn of Brother."

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Crystal said...

Good experience those not too busy shows

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