Monday, October 31, 2016

Cutting By Half

We got a call last night that our goat buyer was picking up today.  A little scrambling and we were able to get the goats in the smaller field before dark.  
 Then this morning we went out to round them up and get them to the barn for the big sorting.  
 J went one way,
 and I wen the other and we met back at the barn with the goats.
 Bumble and Bea were there watching over things.  They are amazing dogs.

 The goats were pretty cooperative and didn't offer up too much resistance.  After 15 years I think we have finally figured out how to work with them.
 We sorted out 4 cull nannies including Spray Paint.  She was one of my bottle goats last year.  J didn't want to keep her because he said she was ugly but I was a softy when it came to my bottle babies so we kept her.  I admit now that it was a mistake.  Not only is she ugly, she got mean.  I am convinced that she is a hermaphrodite (producing both male and female hormones).   She had female external parts but in all other respects she looked  and acted like a billy goat.  She had to leave.
 We ended up selling 54 kids, 5 of which went to someone that had bought some of our females a couple of years ago and wanted some more.
 We also scheduled a pick up of a new billy goat at the same time we dropped off the other goats.  A busy day but it all worked out.  The kids averaged 61 pounds at 6-7 months old.  We ended up keeping 38 nannies and 12 replacement females.  A couple were just because they were too small to sell so hopefully we will have around 45-48 to kid in the spring.
And just a tease here, I might have something to say about this one next weekend.

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Mrs Shoes said...

I was just wondering do you raise the goats for meat or milk or pets?

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