Monday, November 28, 2016

Sunday Ride

I've had time to ride Otoelene but J hasn't been on Brother in about 3 weeks.  Sunday was so nice it would have been a shame to let it pass without a ride.
  J was a little worried about how Brother would act so he started out free lunging him in the barn.
 And surprisingly, Brother listened very well.
 After some warming up under saddle in the barn we headed out for a loop around the gravel road.
 Brother was acting great but did a silly jump at a round bale of hay so as punishment J rode him on down into the field where he had piled up a bunch of wood.
 Brother usually hates seeing cut wood and normally spooks at it but with this pile he acted more like he wanted to climb on top.
 I loped on ahead and got this beautiful view when I tuned back around.
One final training trip up a steep hill and Brother and J completed a nice Sunday afternoon ride.

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