Monday, December 19, 2016

Blown Egg Ornaments

Since the first time my Father blew out an egg for me and I took it to kindergarten and painted it, I have been fascinated with blown eggs.  
 Now my sister does amazing artwork on eggs and luckily, she shares them with me at Christmas.
 I asked for a horse one time and she created this.
 She has now been doing faces on eggs, stunning.
 But I live in a simpler creative world.  I finally found something I could do with the eggs.
 It technically should be paint dotting but I improvised and used metallic markers.
 I had a little trouble with the hangers.  When I tried to copy my sister's technique it just broke the egg.  So I found this idea of threading a needle, then using a magnet to get it to come through the opposite hole, going through a button then back out the top.  After a little trial and error I finally got the "hang" of it.  Then a coat of mod podge and
voila!  These were my gifts to J's aunts and cousins this year.

1 comment:

C said...

Great dot eggs - I hope the aunts and cousins liked them.

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