Saturday, December 17, 2016

New "I Spy" Game

Today I helped J move our cattle from the rented farm back over to our farm.
 There is a fine line between hiding and helping that I have to walk.  Right now I am hiding while J tries to get the cattle into the temporary lot so we can drive them out to the road as one herd.
 I'm still hiding as he tows them in with the bale of hay.
 There is always one that hangs back in every herd it seems.  J had to run around, climb the fence behind her and drive her on down.
 I finally got to get out and help get them into the lot then block the road as they came out.
 And I got the drive them down the road to our field.
Now for the new game.  While I was hiding in the truck I started thinking about the random assortment of objects on the dashboard.
I spy a star, a spoon, an arrow, 2 syringes, 2 bent staples, 50 cents, 7 nails....
What's on your dashboard?

1 comment:

Mrs Shoes said...

Mr Shoes would have a fit, that's all the stuff he carries in his pockets! Hanging anything from the rear view mirror is also verbotten.

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