Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nobody Knows My Troubles

We live near the top of a large south facing hill and everything is either up hill or down.  J is forever complaining about the steepness and how it affects trying to do anything. 
 Yesterday he came in fuming and saying,  "no one understands the troubles I have here."  Well, the trouble was that the ground was slick and muddy on top and still frozen underneath which isn't a good combination with the steep hill.  The tractor got stuck while he was giving the calves a round bale in their feeder.
 But all it took was a call to a wonderful neighbor who was right there with his tractor in minutes.
 After some discussion and a long chain,
 J was out and ready to continue on with his work.
Meanwhile, the weather was so warm that afternoon that I got to go riding for the first time this year.  I guess this is why J doesn't think I understand his troubles.


Alica said...

A lot of discussion...a long chain...and a bunch of curious heifers! :) Thank goodness for great neighbors!

Ian H said...

I thought you were going to end up with 2 tractors down there!

C said...

Having great neighbors is a blessing.

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