Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snowstorm Helema

We ended up with about 5 inches of snow from Helena.
 Enough to make things pretty.
 But it is cold enough that the snow was really sticking to the animals.
The icicles on their sides sounded like jingle bells when they trotted.
 The new horse (I'm calling her something different every day to see what sticks.  So far nothing.) was trying to figure out if the snow was edible.
 I think the answer was, "yes."
 I have never gotten caught up in the blanketing craze.  They have food and sheltered places, that's the best I can do.   I think they survive pretty well.
J had me shovel out the troughs for the feeder cattle.  
 They looked at me in anticipation of getting fed.
 But they had to wait a little longer until J got there.
Hope everyone is surviving the storm.


Linda said...

Oh my! The horses in the snow are so beautiful! Artfully done!

Crystal said...

Looks so pretty! As snow always does but I still dont like winter

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