Friday, March 17, 2017

Wedding Shower

With my oldest daughter getting married soon I am learning more about the wedding scene in the 21st century.   Instead of bridal showers for the bride and women friends and family, we now have wedding showers.  That means the men can come too.  I'm not too sure J thought he should be going.  But after assuring  him several times that my brother would be there he finally relented. 
 V's Maid of Honor Jordan, did a wonderful job planning and directing the festivities.  She had some fun games lined up and there was plenty of good food.
 On the gift opening Mike dug right in.
 There was lots of chattering and laughing throughout the afternoon.
 V's house was packed with about 30 friends and family.
 Did I mention that Mike really liked the gifts?
 V was a beautiful bride to be.
And she got some time to catch up and chat with her bride's maids.  
36 more days to go. 


Mrs Shoes said...

36 days! And you sound so calm. Have you chosen your Mother-of-the Bride dress yet?

C said...
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Crystal said...

Just doesnt seem the same when the men go. But looks like all had a fun time!

C said...

Everything was nicely done. I don't blame J - it has been a long time since I went to a bridal shower and things have certainly changed since then. Mike was very funny and V was so lovely.

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