Sunday, April 2, 2017

In Bloom and More Triplets

We have had several warm days which has helped things in the blooming department. 
 I love how the grape hyacinths volunteer in the grass.  Might have to mow them down tomorrow though.  The grass is getting a little tall.
 And the Yoshino Cherry trees have lasted longer than some years.
 It seems like they are usually just starting to peak when we get a torrential down pour followed by high winds.  This year that came before they peaked, so the blooms stayed on. Yay!
 Then today when I went out to check the goats after lunch I found one of my bottle goats from a couple of years ago with triplets.  Unfortunately, 2 were dead and the third was almost so.   Since she is so friendly, I didn't have any problem milking her so I could tube feed the baby.  Then after a little drying off and time in the sun it was strong enough to nurse but it still couldn't stand up.  Since the nanny was laying down, I just move the baby so it could nurse.  We moved them to the barn before dark and the baby was just starting to stand on its own.
 While all that was going on , I was keeping my eye on this white nanny.  She never seemed to be pushing but she stayed in the same spot for a couple of hours.  When J got done feeding he grabbed his catch pole.  He then held her while I checked things out.  J remembered we had to pull her's last year too.
After some rearranging I managed to get a set of triples out, all live and standing in just a few minutes.
Kid Count - 20

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Crystal said...

Wow triplets galore. I can understand some trouble getting all those legs untangled yikes

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