Monday, April 17, 2017

Two Days of Cattle Sorting

It is that time of year where we have to do more sorting and rotating of the different cattle groups.
 Saturday it was getting the yearlings up and the replacement heifers sorted out so the smaller end of the group could go to some rented pasture.   The day before, there was a group right at the gate so J practiced having them come through.
 The next morning the practice paid off because there they were, ready for another try.
 The only problem was that not all of them had participated in the practice run.  That meant Otoelene and I had to make a trip to the top of the hill to bring the rest in.
 After a few back and forth trips we finally got them headed off in the right direction.
 There was a little hold up at the gate but they finally went on through.
Then Otoelene and I got the sort out the replacements.  I much prefer horse back to on foot.  Of course it helps when it's a good horse.
 Then today was the Sandhill Shuffle.  We needed to get 32 cows that haven't calved out of the field where there were 20 cow/calf pairs.  Then the pairs needed to be turned out across the creek.
 J started out on the 4-Wheeler but on our place it is very limited where it can go.
 And there was one stubborn cow that wanted to stay with the pairs instead of the yet to calve group.  J always said you could tell a tired football player when they were standing with their hands on their hips.  He had to leave the 4-wheeler behind as he darted up through the woods to cut off the cow.
But it was nice to see them out on good pasture.
 And the pairs headed off across the creek.

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