Thursday, May 4, 2017

Goat Yoga Anyone?

J and I worked the goats Saturday which involved baby goat proofing the barn (so there were no escapes) rounding them all up, banding the boys, deworming the nannies and trimming some of the worst of the foot problems.  It was a tough hot couple of hours but we got through it.  Then on Sunday M and J stopped by.  After a wonderful time on the cruise they wanted to help with some farm work.  
 The point of going ahead and working the goats was so we could get them turned out of the field they had been in for the last month and a half.  They are happier and seem to do better when they can roam around more and get to more brushy type plants.
M and V did a great job helping me round them up to drive them out of the field.  
 I'm sure most of you have already heard about the goat yoga craze, but in case you are behind the times, here is a YouTube clip on the up and coming sensation.
 At $22 per person with a long waiting list, V wanted to see if our goats might be good at it.  This little one was more interested in V's hair at first.
 But finally jumped up on her and patted around for a minute.  
If anyone is interested in paying to have goats jump up and down on you I will do what I can to be accommodating.


Crystal said...

Ha getting in on the trends I see!

C said...

That is too too funny!

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