Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Second Swarm

Coming home from Church Sunday I noticed something funny in the little maple tree in Draper's lot.
 On closer inspection we saw that it was another swarm of bees.
 They are  amazing little creatures, hanging on all day through a terrible wind and rain storm.  We were just not prepared to deal with another swarm and our regular bee man didn't want them but gave us the name of someone else.
 So a new bee man came out to get this swarm.
 He said it was just the height he liked to deal with.
At this point J decided he was a little to close to the action.  After a few minutes most of the bees were crawling up into his nuke.  He offered to get it back to us but we didn't have a new hive.   Guess I will have to order another one if we want to keep expanding.  Maybe we could even learn how to do splits to avoid swarming.

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