Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Teaching Big Sis

 Draper has been so fun to work with.  I have yet to find anything that upsets or spooks her.  She is very curious but also respectful when I ask.
Otoelene however, has always been afraid of plastic.  She will work with it when I ask but has never really been accepting of it.
 Since I have them both hanging out in the barn lot together I thought maybe Draper could teach her big sister a thing or two.
As you can see, Draper is not shy about taking the lead in this situation.  
And for the tarp, I think Draper was an excellent role model.  She is truly "unflappable."


C said...

How interesting to see these two interacting.

Crystal said...

Ha Otoelene is suspicious of it, she reminds me of Jessie will do it if I ask but that's about it

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