Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Steer and Heifer Show

The big day has finally come and gone.  The steer and heifer show was all day today.  We took the cattle down yesterday, then got up at 5 am to start today.
E steer weighed 1090 pounds and was in the heaviest class in the light weight division.  She won the class and the went on the win Light Weight Division Champion!  She then showed in the overall championship class (light, middle and heavy weight division champions) but was not selected champion or reserve.
She was also 3rd in the Jr. Skill-a-thon and 3rd with her project book.  Her heifer was 3rd out of 3.
V's day was not as successful, she was third in her class of 8 (although the consensus on the outside of the ring was that she should have been 2nd). Her steer weighed 1260 and was in the heaviest class in the middle weight division.  Her steer acted beautifully, a vast improvement over last year where she wasn't even able to get into the ring with him.  In showmanship she made the first cut (there were 2 heats) but didn't place in the finals.  Her project book was 2nd and she was 6th in the Sr. skill-a-thon.  Her heifer was also 3rd out of 3.
This is how everyone felt at the end of the day.
I'll post more pictures when I'm not so exhausted.

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